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Learn Everything I've Done To Go From Stressed And Anxious To Happy And Calm.
You just need to know the 5 keys to balancing your body.
Get rid of anxiety once and for all without a prescription or yucky side effects.  
Attention!!! It doesn't have to be hard! 

Are you struggling to figure out how to boost your mood or take the edge off your anxious feelings, or maybe you're on a prescription but you still don't feel as good as you'd hoped?  

Drugs will only get you so far...and I'm going to tell you a secret...your body is not deficient in pharmaceuticals.

You NEED to learn these 5 KEY steps to balance your physical and emotional well-being so you can not just feel better but so you can THRIVE.


I achieved a healthy body and mind with NO prescription drugs, no expensive doctor visits and most of all NO nasty side effects!

Today I am healthy, happy, balanced and have energy and it feels AMAZING!! 

 Are you ready to learn how I did it? 

My name is Hannah Hepworth and I teach moms who are sick, tired, and stressed how to stop feeling like junk and naturally kick anxiety to the curb so they can feel more happy, relaxed and zen without a prescription, negative side effects and expensive doctor visits.  

I am challenging YOU to join me for a revolutionary program that will change your life where you will learn how to balance your body chemistry and heal from chronic stress, nagging anxious feelings and a low mood with my exclusive 5 step method. 

 Sound interesting? If “YES”, then keep reading… 

 About 8 years ago I was the ripe age of 26 yet I felt like I was trapped inside the body of a 90 year old woman. I felt achy and tired, I couldn’t sleep most nights. I went through the day feeling frazzled, panicked and anxious and some days I was just too overwhelmed I could barely leave the house much less go through the daily responsibilities of being a wife and mother of 2 little kids at the time. 

 It was my own personal hell. 

 I had no idea why my body was acting that way and I knew this wasn’t the “real me.” 

 I was usually fun, energetic and happy.   

I didn’t feel like any of those.  
I went to the doctor to get tests done and to get some answers. 

My doctor's solution was to take a prescription… and a nap...

I was told my health was “perfect,” I was “young and a normal weight” that I just needed to "relax and take some medication"…

I wasn’t okay with that answer.

I went on to learn everything I could about healing my body, balancing my chemistry, feeding it the right foods and taking care of it in a way that I felt rejuvenated instead of depleted. 

  I’m a different person now.  
And you can be too!

The thing is, when I talk to women, I often hear stories that are very similar to mine.  

There’s millions of women out there who are struggling with all sorts of emotional issues which are connected directly with physical issues…wish I had figured that out sooner!

My doctor, who I love and respect, unfortunately didn’t recommend that I try any of the things that I did do to truly heal myself. 

I KNOW that if doctors would make some preliminary suggestions (like the 5 keys to wellness) that there would be a LOT less women feeling sick, depressed and anxious and less on prescriptions!

IF you want to revamp your health and go from a tired, frazzled mom to a relaxed, happy, peaceful, zen mom then you’re in for a treat. 

  This is exactly why I created my program Healthy Body Happy Mind, so that other moms can learn and benefit from the same 5 step system that I developed for myself.

I know first hand what it’s like to barely be able to make it through the day, and feel the guilt of not feeling like a good mom to those precious kids of yours and it’s time we all lift one another up, put our health first so we can better serve the people we love most!

Restoring health, vitality and emotional wellbeing is a GREAT feeling. 

 One which I want EVERY mother to enjoy. And I want ANYONE who has a DESIRE to get healthier and who is serious about and feels like they deserve to THRIVE to have all the tools available to do so. 

  If this is you, I will share all the tools I know of to help you meet your goals. 

 So I INVITE you to join my program...for the ridiculously low price of just $47.
Right now my dream for you is to let me take you by the hand and guide you to thriving health, because you, my friend, TOTALLY deserve it!

Now, when it comes to creating a healthy thriving life most moms think it’s too hard, they feel selfish spending time on themselves, they need to focus on their families, it takes too much time or money or they’re stuck and don’t know where to start.

But I’m here to tell you it’s not complicated, it’s not selfish and it’s not expensive. 

 Oh yeah and it doesn’t take a lot of time!

I’m a work at home mom of 4 and if I can lead a healthy life then you can too!!!

IF you DON’T eat the right foods, then you’re going to feel like junk. 

  If you DON’T incorporate supplements and herbs into your lifestyle you won’t achieve maximum results.

If you DON’T detox your home and body from harmful products and foods then you’re not going to fully get the results you want. 

  If you DON’T change some basic lifestyle habits and revamp your mindset you’re going to stay stuck in the same old health issues forever…

Is that what you want?

If you’re anything like me then you’re a strong woman who is ready to learn as much as you can and take charge of your health so you can live a full live again and be there for your kids and have energy, peace of mind and not only feel good but THRIVE!

Did you know that your body is designed to heal and that it’s natural state is HEALTH?

Did you know that you are meant to feel good and happy DAILY? 

It’s true.

That’s why I created this  program for YOU!

For just 6 weeks of your life I ask you to join me and some other amazing women, to make YOUR health your FOCUS!

My personal promise to you is that I’m going to give you the opportunity to literally pull back the curtain and show you how SKIP THE TOUGH STUFF and go from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest and most realistic amount of time.  

As a mom who has healed myself of chronic stress and anxiety and an avid wellness researcher, I can:
  •  Teach you how to nourish your body with nutrient dense foods to boost your energy and calm your nervous system
  • Demonstrate how to use various herbs to help support your body to wellness
  •  Reveal the 5 keys to health that your doctor won't be telling you about at your next doctor visit
  •  Show you how to support your body with stress reduction techniques so you can turn on your parasympathetic nervous system and stop feeling so frazzled!
  •  Instruct you on the importance of detoxing your home and body care products and how to do it effortlessly
  •  Give you support, accountability and a shot at the healthy life you deserve
This 6-week program is designed so that your goals can be reached without spending a ton of time in the kitchen, without spending a lot of money, without having to sacrifice good tasting foods and without neglecting your family!
Here's what you'll receive when you say, YES, today!
  • Detailed 5 step program designed to balance your mind and body back into wellness.  When your body is healthy your mind is healthy!
  • Specific education on what to eat and what NOT to eat to help your body reduce inflammation, balance your blood sugar and heal your gut.
  • Powerful information on what supplements, herbs and oils can best benefit you in your healing process.
  •  Exclusive access for 6 weeks to a private Facebook group where I'll be in there to support you!  (100% free bonus)
  •  Learn how to start detoxing your home and body from harmful chemicals you may not even be aware of.
  •  Restore your body with necessary lifestyle practices that you MUST put into place if you want to have the best health possible.
  •  Rewire your brain for happiness and become more resilient to stress.  
  •  1 training video and 1 homework assignment each week so you don't get too overwhelmed with information overload!
The sad truth is that 40 MILLION Americans alone struggle with anxiety and MOST of those people are women and many of them mothers...  

Many of these women end up on prescriptions because they don't know that THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS.  

Healthy Body Happy Mind is a NEW APPROACH to balancing physical and emotional wellness.

You can't afford NOT to learn this information.  

The truth is stress is a normal part of life.  We will all experience hardships and trials. 

But...when we know how to take care of our bodies the effects of stress are much less damaging and we can move through life more gracefully and without these stresses impacting us so severely!

I could EASILY be charging hundreds of dollars for this information.  In fact, I have.  

However, I don't want money to be a barrier for you getting healthy.  

I've decided to drastically reduce the price of the make it even easier for you to say yes to your health. 

If you join me for the next 6 weeks you will have direct access to me for the entire program, a step-by-step guide to heal your body piece by piece and you only have to spend $47!!!

Click the button below to join me an many other amazing women to take charge of your health and feel happy, energized and zen once again! 

"If only I'd found Healthy Body Happy Mind sooner! What a fantastic program - so easy to grasp, short step by step lessons, inspirational and informative. I never thought that I would be able to implement such changes, but the huge turnaround from feeling tired and stressed out made me really want to keep going - it wasn't a chore. I feel so much better! My head is clear, I have energy and patience with my children and my husband asked me to promise never to go back to where I was before! I'm far more balanced now. 

Hannah is a gem. She is passionate about helping, her knowledge is extensive, she is always on hand to help. She isn't pushy and gets that we all have constraints in our lives - but she really wants to help you make changes for the better, no matter how small. Healthy Body Happy Mind is one of the best programs I have ever been part of - thank you Hannah!"
Helen H.
Mother of 2 from the UK
Join Healthy Body Happy Mind Today!
Take the first step on your healing journey!  I'm here, ready to help you :)
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